Board of Directors Policies

Policy Name

Policy #


Administrative By-Laws NN 2016-06-10
Board Chair, Vice Chair And Committee Chair Selection Guidelines ADM-BO-001 2016-02-12
Board Committee ADM-BO-002 2018-04-12
Board Communications Policy ADM-BO-028 2017-03-09
Board Education ADM-BO-017 2016-09-16
Board Evaluation And Governance Review ADM-BO-004 2017-11-29
Board Orientation ADM-BO-018 2016-09-16
CEO Job Profile ADM-BO-022 2018-02-08
CEO Performance Evaluation and Compensation ADM-BO-005 2014-10-23
CEO Succession Planning ADM-BO-019 2016-12-14
Chief Of Staff Performance Evaluation ADM-BO-021 2015-03-13
Chief of Staff Succession Planning ADM-BO-027 2016-12-08
Communication between Directors and Staff ADM-BO-009 2015-10-16
Communications Protocol ADM-BO-006 2015-10-16
Community Representatives Participating on Board Committees ADM-BO-014 2017-12-20
Conflict of Interest ADM-BO-003 2018-04-12
Delegation of Authority – Non-Compensation and Capital ADM-BO-015 2017-02-09
Director Attendance ADM-BO-007 2017-06-07
Director Confidentiality ADM-BO-016 2018-02-08
Elected Directors Only Sessions ADM-BO-008 2016-09-16
Nomination Committee ADM-BO-010 2017-11-29
Open/Closed Board Meetings ADM-BO-011 2017-06-07
Quorum ADM-BO-023 2016-11-16
Responsibilities of the Board ADM-BO-020 2016-11-16
Rules of Order Guidelines ADM-BO-013 2019-10-10
Strategic Planning Policy ADM-BO-025 2016-02-12
Travel Expense Reimbursement ADM-FI-002 2015-02-25
Voting ADM-BO-012 2017-11-29


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