Telephones, Television & Internet Bedside Services

A telephone/television/internet unit is available at most bedsides in the Health Centre.

Currently there is no access to wi-fi within the hospital. Inpatients do have the option of purchasing internet access through the bedside terminals. Internet is included in the TV, Phone and Internet package.

By touching the screen you will see directions as to how to order these services and how to purchase them during your stay. Payment by cash or credit card at the Gift Shop and by Credit Card only at the bedside terminal. Patients can call ext 3380 to be greeted with a Self Help services call director. The call director contains easy to follow information about dialing instructions, purchasing packages and internet information. If the patient still requires assistance after listening to the content they will have the option of leaving a voicemail with the Information Technology Service desk.

Payphones are located along Main Street, in the Cafeteria and in the Town Square (Regional Mental Health).

The use of Cellular Telephones and other electronic devices is permitted outside of patient care areas. The use of cell phone cameras or video is not permitted.

**Privately owned television sets and computers are not permitted in the Hospital.**

Phone + TV + Internet* $10/day
Outgoing Phone
(with free long distance anywhere in Canada)
* Special rate for patients residing in A1, B1 or C1
(longer term): 50% off daily rate.
There is no charge to RECEIVE a call at the bedside.
Telephones, Television & Internet Bedside Services


Patient Entertainment System Service Desk is available from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily and can be reached by lifting the phone on your bedside unit or calling ext. 3380.

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