Dental Clinic

Here at NBRHC-Dental Clinic, we provide dental care in our fully functional Dental Clinic for In-Patients and to the General Public.

Our local dentists respond and provide excellent dental care for clients in receipt of Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), however there are some adult members of our community who are still unable to access dental care.

To further expand access to dental care services in our area, the North Bay Regional Health Centre’s Dental Clinic has opened its doors to the general ODSP population and to existing Ontario Works clientele. This initiative does not replace the dental services provided through our local dentists, but augments those provided in our community.

It is expected this will reduce the use of the NBRHC Emergency Department for dental care and improve access to care for specific populations.

The NBRHC Dental Clinic is now able to start seeing this clientele.  External referrals are not required, and clients can contact us directly.

Payment options:

Direct/Electronic Billing for ODSP and OW recipients, and cash/credit/debit/cheque accepted for Fee for Service Clients.

Dental Clinic


Dental Clinic

Tel: 705-474-8600 ext: 3732
Fax:  705-495-7839

North Bay

50 College Drive,
P.O. Box 2500
North Bay, ON
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